Book and Bunker Town Wünsdorf

Old books and Bunker, military history and Culture are concentrated on a manageable area located in a romantic Brandenburgian pine forest only 20 km away from the south of Berlin.

We offer eventful and informative hours above and under the ground level during the whole year.

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Everything about the bunkers, tours, antiquarian shops & events:



Sonntag, 23.02.2020 um 15:00 Uhr im Bücherstall

Heinrich von der Haar leist aus seinem Buch “Kapuzenjunge”

Anmeldung unter 0337029600


Militärhistorischer Abend

Freitag, 21. Februar 2020, 19.00 Uhr Bücherstall

“Mein Leben im Schleudersitz”-“Mein Leben nach dem Schleudersitz”

Rainer Langener über sein Leben als Pilot der NVA

Eintritt: 5,00 Euro

Wünsdorfer Bücherrunde

Mittwoch, 19. Februar 2020, 15:00 Uhr im Haus Oskar

Benedikt Dyrlich: Leben im Zwiespalt 2



19Feb15:0017:00Wünsdorfer Bücherrunde

21Feb19:0021:00Militärgeschichtlicher Abend

23Feb15:0017:00Lesung "Kapuzenjunge"

08Mär15:0016:30Lesung "...unendlich viele Geschichten"

14Mär10:0014:30Spezialführung (Tour 2)

21Mär9:0015:00Großer Teilemarkt

Simply great - above and below the ground level!

The idea of the book town originated in Wales (Great Britain). The first book town was already founded in 1962 in Hay-on-Wye by Richard Booth: an Ensemble of antiquarian bookshops, restaurants and cultural events – a paradise for all bookworms.

Based on that idea the one and only book town in Germany was founded in 1998.

In Wünsdorf-Waldstadt are thousands of books talking about present and past, inviting to rummage and buy. Around that you can find a unique, almost 100-years old military history about that location. All this experiences you can get in museums and exhibitions or on adventurous walks through the huge bunker complexes deep down!

Let you take away from the history books told stories and bunkers, enjoy the present and gain strength for the future.
We look forward to your visit!

Antiquarian Bookshops

Antiquarian Bookshops
Old books are the heart of a booktown. About 350.000 books from various epochs make hearts leap for joy.
Antiquarian Bookshops


We offer different guided tours through the huge and stunning bunker complexes, which differ between in duration and theme.
Bunker & Guides

Museums & Art

Museums & Art
Beside many cultural events the booktown offers lots of permanent museums and galleries.
Museums & Art


Who gets hungry after browsing books and exploring the bunkers can find some dainties here.
Restaurants & Shops